Office of Research Assurances

Hazardous Materials Shipping

Unregulated Biological Material


The materials listed below are not subject to IATA or DOT infectious substances shipping regulations. However, these materials may require a permit for shipment abroad. Please check with the Office of Research Assurances at (509)432-3869 if you have any questions about these materials. All shipments of blood and blood products must be labeled with a biohazardous symbol.

  • Substances which do not contain infectious substances or which are unlikely to cause disease in humans or animals;
  • Non-infectious biological materials from humans, animals, or plants. Examples include non-infectious cells, tissue cultures, blood or plasma from individuals not suspected of having an infectious disease, DNA, RNA, or other genetic elements;
  • Substances containing microorganisms, which are non-pathogenic to humans or animals;
  • Substances that have been neutralized or inactivated such that they no longer pose a health risk;
  • Environmental samples which are not considered to pose a significant risk of infection;
  • Dried blood spots
  • Fecal occult blood screening tests;
  • An infectious, substance, other than a Category A Infectious Substance, contained in a patient sample being transported for research, diagnosis, investigational activities, or disease treatment and prevention, or a biological product, when such materials are being transported by a private or contract carrier in a motor vehicle used exclusively to transport such materials;
  • Blood or blood components which have been collected for the purpose of transfusion or the preparation of blood products to be used for transfusion or transplantation;
  • Tissues or organs intended for use in transplantation;
  • A material with a low probability of containing an infectious disease or where the concentration of the infectious substance is at a level naturally occuring in the environment so it cannot cause disease when exposure to it occurs. Examples of these materials include foodstuffs and environmental samples (such as water or a sample of dust or mold); or
  • A biological product, including an experimental or investigational product or component of a product, subject to federal approval, permit, review or licensing requirements such as those required by the Food & Drug Administration or the U.S. Department of Agriculture

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